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What is THE one thing you know FOR SURE about love?

T H E   O F F I C I A L   S I T E 

What Do You Know About Love? is a documentary produced by the bestselling author Lee Hayes and

co-producer Vernon Richardson. Hosted by MJ Harris, What Do You Know About Love? is an intimate conversation with a group of diverse individuals about what they know—or think they know—about love.  It explores individual experiences with love and loss in order to gain a better understanding of how our past experiences with love shape how we react to love, and act while in love. 

Never shying away from the tough questions, the interviewees candidly discuss love and loss, hope and resentment, failure and success. What Do You Know About Love? asks the hard-hitting questions that we all should ask ourselves about love, even if we are afraid of the answers. 

The interviewees—diverse in gender and sexual identification—offer us all an opportunity to critically examine our attitudes about love. Through myriad lenses, and after the tears have stopped falling, What Do You Know About Love? leaves us with one indelible message: above all else, love is…love.  


What Do You Know About Love?

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What Do You Know About Love? 

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