A Deeper Blue

“Pussy don’t fail me now,” Cerina Ford thought as she watched Temple’s naked body glide with ease across the bedroom. The cool confidence of his steps and his raw sex appeal drew him into her so much that she was barely able to contain herself.  Nervousness grew inside her, along with unchecked desire, making for an explosive combination. She feared her unbridled passion and lust would shoot forth like a geyser and lay her low.     

Temple had just gotten out of the shower and his still damp body glistened with moisture. The lazy illumination from the candlelight provided just the right amount of radiance. From a distance, with his body half covered in shadows, he looked like Adonis—faultless in every physical sense. His honey-colored skin, cherry red lips, baldhead and perfect abs drove her wild. As she took a deep breath, she tried to inhale him from across the room so that he could be a part of her forever. She could feel herself getting hotter, and if she didn’t get him to quench this fire below soon, she’d soon overheat.    

With desperate anticipation, she watched him. She felt like a drug fiend waiting for the next hit to bring marvelous satisfaction; it wasn’t drugs that she desired, but nevertheless, her addiction was authentic. In her wildest fantasies, she could not imagine a more perfect or beautiful man. The thought of this unique specimen rocking her with his powerful body was more than she could handle. Sexually, she was past overdrive. It had been a few days since she last felt her man inside her, and tonight she would do whatever was required to satisfy her aching desire.     

She continued watching as Temple went about the simple business of drying himself off. Occasionally, when the weight of her stare bore through him, he would shoot her a quick look as if to say hello, and she’d lick her lips in enticement.      

All of her thoughts at this moment were of him and sex.  She thought about how her entire body came to life each time he pushed his thick flesh into her willing spot—it was an unmistakable feeling of intense joy that set her soul on fire. She was lost in lust and didn’t want to be found. She needed his heat—now.  She wanted all of him—every inch of him—and she wanted every inch of him inside her. How much longer would she have to wait, she wondered? She didn’t know how much longer she could be teased by his nakedness. She wanted that dick. She longed to wrap her lower lips around it so that he could feel her desire and the inferno that awaited him. 

She knew he was playing with her now. He knew she was watching and longing for him, and yet he kept walking back and forth in front of her as if he were oblivious to her heavy desire that hung in the air like a thick bar room smoke. She wanted to be ravaged, rocked, pounded, banged; she wanted to sweat, moan, scream, scratch and shriek insatiably and uncontrollably. She wanted to see his face contort while he pounded her because then she knew her power. When he was inside her, she knew that he was inside joy—a joy she thought only she could provide. 

She continued lusting.    

She continued waiting.   


Temple smiled with artificial interest. 

T H E   O F F I C I A L   S I T E